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Can you name the Jason Steele Cartoon Shorts?

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Please stop bouncing on me
I have no butt
My tummy had the rumblies... that only hands could satisfy
Josie and the Pussycats!
Did you try swimming around?
I hate you so much Ponyta
I love everybody; yay
One day I will eat your brains and it'll be great
Grab on to our tongues
Where's my twenty bucks, Leo?
A corpse is not a box!
Oh, Reginald, you came
Ah, there you are, my friends
Do you remember that elderly couple from 2B?
I hear you got some trouble with your various pipes and whatnot
$6.99 for a value meal, $6.99 for a value meal
Play it forever
I'm listening to some fabulous tunes, Meredith
I always thought you were a woman
I AM the bownana king
Cucumbers have wicked souls

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