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AGreek city state
BDumping of tea in harbor
Cform of culure characterized by cities, advanced technology, record keeping etc.
Dgovernment of Greece where people could vote
Epolitcal area where group of nations controlled by one ruler
Fwhere people began ot work during industrialization
Gmethod of execution during French Revolution
HGerman leader
Iprocess of society moving towards the production of machine made goods
JFrench political party during French Revolution
Karmed soldiers who protected their lord during Feudal age
Lidea of enlightenment, freedom
Msea surrounding Greece and Italy
Nperson who moves place to place to survive
ORoman leader who became first emperor
Pconcerned with government
Qqueen of egypt
Ridea of enlightenment, logic
Sgoods transfered to america during triangular rade
Tthis helped industrialization, new inventions
Uprocess of people moving to the city
Vbarbarians who attacked Rome
Wfirst president
XPersian ruler who was defeated by Greeks
Yancient word for god
Ztemples in mesopotamia

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