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You make a pizza, as you can see / With onions or mushrooms or pepperoni!
This shark eats like a maniac!
I'm the doctor for you!
Trains go charging along, cattle go stampeding, some things go kerplop.
You'll get caught up in the!
'I win!' 'Where, I don't...' 'Here. Diagonally.' 'Pretty sneaky, sis!'
Popamatic pops the dice / Pop a six, and you move twice.
More than a mere board game, it's a three-dimensional adventure!
Make 'em! Take 'em to the factory! Mash 'em! Smash 'em! Now they're history!
WHAM 'Dat wasn't so bad!' WHAM WHAM WHAM 'Dat was!'
Hey, cool is the rule!
You don't want those marbles, not at all / So pick a stick, but don't let 'em fall!
Commercial quoteGame
This piece here, that piece there / Put those pieces everywhere! / But be quick, or beware!
Wendy White?..... Peter Plum?..... Polly Peacock?... Mortimer Mustard???
The brand new Milton Bradley game of romance and mystery that's just for you... and you.... and you.... and you!
It's a race! It's a chase! Hurry up and feed their face!
Add one more bean, and it's beaans awaaayyyyyyy!
So, don't da-do what I don't da-do.
He just can't keep his big mouth shut!
Land on a noise (woof woof!) and it could be back to bed for you!
First you're way ahead, and then you get bumped wayyyyy back! So shake a leg, and you'll get home first!
'First you start with a thousand and a car.' 'I got a car!!'
...and boot the marble right down the chute. Now watch it roll and hit the pole and knock the ball in the rub-a-dub tub, which flips the man into the pan...
Game cards do not actually talk.

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