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Team / AssociatesCharacter
Ultimate X-Men
The Minutemen
The Minutemen, Crimebusters
Young Avengers
The Authority, Apollo
Legion of Night, Dr. Strange, Ghost Rider
Legion of Super-Heroes (post Zero Hour)
Swamp Thing, The Trenchcoat Brigade
Young X-Men
Young Avengers
Justice League, Infinity Inc.
Bruce Wayne, Flamebird
The Slayers (Japanese branch)
Gotham City Police Department, Metropolis Police Department
Secret Six
Brotherhood of Evil Mutants
Team / AssociatesCharacter
Guardians of the Galaxy
New X-Men, Young X-Men
The Minutemen
X-Statix, Wolverine
Defenders, Infinity Watch
Heroes for Hire, Spiderman
New Mutants, X-Men
X-Factor Investigations, X-Force
X-Force (X-Statix)
Loners, Power Pack
Secret Six
Alpha Flight, X-Men
Gotham City Police Department, Vic Sage
The Authority
Young X-Men
Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, X-Men

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