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Team / AssociatesCharacter
The Slayers (Japanese branch)
Young X-Men
Defenders, Infinity Watch
Bruce Wayne, Flamebird
Alpha Flight, X-Men
New X-Men, Young X-Men
The Authority, Apollo
Justice League, Infinity Inc.
Legion of Night, Dr. Strange, Ghost Rider
Young Avengers
Brotherhood of Evil Mutants
Heroes for Hire, Spiderman
Guardians of the Galaxy
The Minutemen, Crimebusters
Young X-Men
Team / AssociatesCharacter
The Minutemen
Young Avengers
Gotham City Police Department, Metropolis Police Department
Ultimate X-Men
Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, X-Men
Secret Six
X-Force (X-Statix)
The Authority
Swamp Thing, The Trenchcoat Brigade
X-Statix, Wolverine
X-Factor Investigations, X-Force
The Minutemen
Legion of Super-Heroes (post Zero Hour)
Loners, Power Pack
Secret Six
New Mutants, X-Men
Gotham City Police Department, Vic Sage

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