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Can you name the creatures and people that live in/visit the Forbidden Forest?

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What Lives In That Forest??
Mosag is a(n): 
Umbridge's Worst Nightmares! 
I wonder if Arthur ever realised that this went wild in here..... 
Apparently Fridwulfa didn't like him much more than she liked Hagrid..... 
You'd think Harry'd be able to see these from the moment he stepped foot in Hogwarts, after seeing Lily die...... 
They change from Gold -> Silver -> White throughout their lifetime..... 
All three heads were sent to the Forest when no longer needed to guard the Stone 
Who In Their Right Mind Would Visit The Forest??? (It's FORBIDDEN, people)
These two teachers held a whispered discussion about the Stone here. Book 1 
This person eavesdropped on the two above while flying.. 
These two people got detention for trying to get rid of Norbert(a) 
This person got detention for trying to catch the people in the last answer 
This person got detention for trying to warn the two. 
Follow the spiders! (Two People) 
These two people walked to the Forest to talk about Herm-own-ninny. 
The two above stumble across which murmuring Ministry wizard 
Hagrid shows which two people where Grawp lives in book 5? 
These two people (last answer) take this DADA teacher to find Dumbledore's 'secret weapon' 
Harry walks the Forest along with his parents, Lupin, and Sirius to meet which 'man' 
This person has to visit the Forest various times to care for the creatures that reside within it. 
This person (above answer) takes his class into the Forest on occasion to learn about what lives within it. What class does he teach? 

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