Harry Potter: Dead Or Alive

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Can you name the condition of the Harry Potter characters in the given year (whether they were dead or alive)?

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CharacterDead (D) or Alive (A)Year
George Weasley1999
Sirius Black1978
Peter Pettigrew1984
James Potter1996
Nymphadora Tonks2012
Justin Finch-Fletchley1992
Rubeus Hagrid1990
Gilderoy Lockhart1996
Regulus Black1999
Barty Crouch Sr.1996
Albus Severus Potter2018
Albus Dumbledore1998
Ron Weasley1997
Dudley Dursley1995
CharacterDead (D) or Alive (A)Year
Sir Nicholas De Mimsy-Porpington1994
Quirinus Quirrell1994
Colin Creevey2018
Merope Gaunt2004
Minerva McGonagall2015
Ted Tonks1999
Remus Lupin1995
Charity Burbage2001
Rose Weasley2017
Xenophilius Lovegood1996
Teddy Lupin2005
Severus Snape1995
Aberforth Dumbledore1965

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