True or False: Patronuses

Random Literature or Harry Potter Quiz

Can you name the True or False: Are these animals actually these people's patronuses?

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Name and AnimalTrue (T) or False (F)
Nymphadora Tonks (changed patronus) : Cat
Arthur Weasley : Weasel
Cho Chang : Hare
Ginny Weasley : Goat
Ernie Macmillian : Werewolf
Minerva McGonagall : Terrier
James Potter : Stag
Kingsley Shacklebolt : Lynx
Albus Dumbledore : Goat
Lily Potter : Doe
Seamus Finnigan : Fox
Harry Potter :Stag
Luna Lovegood : Hare
Hermione Granger : Swan
Dolores Umbridge : Cat
Severus Snape : Lynx
Aberforth Dumbledore : Phoenix
Ron Weasley : Spider

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