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Can you name the answers to the questions all about Hagrid's half-brother GRAWP!!?

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In which book is Grawp introduced?
G- Is actually smaller than a full-grown _____.
R- Likes to pull up trees by the _____s
A- Captian of the Gryffindor team that played the match that was going on when Grawp was introduced.
W- During the war in the end of book 7, Grawp pushes Hagrid through a ______.
P- What kind of tree did Grawp empty a bird nest and attempt to uproot when Harry and Hermione first met him?
What colour are Grapw's 'birck-sized' teeth?
How tall does Hagrid say Grawp is?
Who is Grawp's mother?
What does Hagrid call Grawp?
Speaking of Grawp, Firenze told Harry to pass along a message to Hagrid saying 'His attempt is not working. He would do better to _______ it.'

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