Harry Potter:The Guide to Potions

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Can you name the facts about the class of brewing potions?

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Year 1
Teacher (Years 1-5) 
Classes Take Place In The: (D) 
On The First Day, _____ Was Quizzed (Name) 
What Would You Get If You Added Powdered Root of Asphodel To An Infusion of Wormwood? (D of L D) 
A ______ Can Be Found In The Stomach of a Goat (B) 
Monkshood and Wolfbane Are Both From The Same Plant, Also Called _______ (A) 
What Potion Did They Concoct In One Class? (B) 
They Exam Covered Which Potion? (Don't Forget Now!) 
Year 2
The Trio Brewed Which Forbidden Potion: (P P) 
They Had To Steal Ingredients From Where:  
At Which Time, They Created a Distraction, Spewing _______ ________ On Everyone (S S) 
Year 3
Learned The: (S S) 
Exam Covered: (C C) 
Year 4
Harry Was Accused Of Stealing From Snape, When _____ Did It (D) 
He Was Stealing _________ (G) 
Harry Deliberatly Spilled _________ ____ So He Could Listen In On A Conversation (A B) 
Between Professor Snape and Whom (I K) 
Year 5
Snape Was Evaluated By: (D U) 
Year 6
Teacher: (H S) 
Accepted Students with a _______ _________ In Their OWL 

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