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Can you name the linked names where one character's middle name is another's first?

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First PersonMashed NamesSecond Person
Well...Take a look at my name.....Harry considers him the man who knows all about Patronuses
Hugo Weasley's friend that he's known for his whole life.A quirky girl who is amazingly brave.
She's toughened hanging with her brothers for so long.She says the gamekeeper in her time was a man named Ogg.
A pompous Hogwarts Head Boy with a big family.The father of two brothers killed by Dolohov, among others.
A Hogwarts headmaster with a scar of London's underground. (first middle name)A man sent to Azkaban for protecting his daughter.
Freed the first house-elf he met.A major mischief-maker of his time.
The second son of Bill's sister.The bravest man I ever knew.
The protagonist's best friend.A man who saw a Grim and died shortly afterwards.
Torments his younger brother on platform 9 3/4.An Azkaban escapee with a brave godson.

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