Harry Potter: Who's Used That??

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Can you name the Harry Potter characters that have used the item?

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Item?Who's Used It? (MUST HAVE TOUCHED IT)Which One?
DeluminatorA) Ron Weasley OR B) Minerva McGonagall
Exploding SnapA) Ginny Weasley OR B) Nymphadora Tonks
Philosopher's StoneA) Voldemort OR B) Perenelle Flamel
Sorting HatA) Luna Lovegood OR B) Gabrielle Delacour
Goblet of FireA) Harry Potter OR B) Warrington
Foe GlassA) Alastor Moody OR B) Amycus Carrow
Wizard's ChessA) Percy Weasley OR B) Dudley Dursley
Riddle's DiaryA) Kingsley Shacklebolt OR B) Harry Potter
Secrecy SensorA) Marius OR B) Argus Filch
Ravenclaw's DiademA) Cho Chang OR B) Helena Ravenclaw
Marauder's MapA) Fenrir Greyback OR B) Barty Crouch Jr.
HowlerA) Alicia Spinnet OR B) Augusta Longbottom
Probity ProbeA) Marius OR B) Argus Filch
Enchanted CoinsA) Draco Malfoy OR B) Albus Dumbledore
Slytherin's LocketA) Regulus Black OR B) Demelza Robins
Item?Who's Used It? (MUST HAVE TOUCHED IT)Which One?
SneakoscopeA) Harry Potter OR B) Seamus Finnigan
Two-Way MirrorA) James Potter OR B) Albus Dumbledore
Hufflepuff's CupA) Hepzibah Smith OR B) Zacharias Smith
Invisibility CloakA) Argus Filch OR B) Severus Snape
Hand of GloryA) Draco Malfoy OR B) Hepzibah Smith
Resurrection StoneA) Remus Lupin OR B) Cadmus Peverell
Mirror of ErisedA) Severus Snape OR B) Quirinus Quirrell
Cursed Opal NecklaceA) Romilda Vane OR B) Katie Bell
Gryffindor's SwordA) Ragnuk I OR B) Colin Creevey
Elder WandA) Gellert Grindelwald OR B) Viktor Krum
RevealerA) Hermione Granger OR B) Filius Flitwick
RemembrallA) Zacharias Smith OR B) Neville Longbottom
Magical ClockA) Borgin OR B) Molly Weasley
GobstonesA) Hannah Abbott OR B) Eileen Prince

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