Harry Potter Word Ladder Sections II

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Section 1
Harry's Elfish Admirer  
The Fountain of Magical Bretheren Can Be Found In The _____ of the Ministry of Magic 
Section 2
French Quarter-Veela 
Cooking Ingredient That Can Be Found In The Room Through The Painting If You Tickle The Pear 
Section 3
_____ Lovegood (Insulting Nickname) 
Lupin's Nickname 
Lupin's Worst Fear: Full _____ (Plural) 
Section 4
The Potions Master 
Devil's _____ 
Snape Sometimes Speaks With a _____ When He Is Upset 
Ron Belched Up The 'Cousins' Of This 
Section 5
Along With His Trunk, Harry Has To _____ Hedwig's Cage Onto The Hogwarts Express 
A Dish From The Homeland Of The Patil Twins 
Marietta Edgecombe's Hair Is This 
Cormac McLaggen Is Described As a _____ Seventh-Year 

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