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Can you name the words relating to Harry Potter in these Word Ladder sections?

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Hermione's Helping ___ 
The most important magical tool 
Zonko's ___ Shop 
Wizards drink Butterbeer instead of which popular Muggle soda 
For his 17th birthday, Harry's was shaped as a Snitch 
The House-elves at Hogwarts mainly ___ and clean 
Hermione always has a ___ in front of her nose 
On the Weasley's back porch, Wellington ___s are usually found 
The call of the major pets in Harry Potter 
Ron is the ___est of the three 
Ron made a very loud telephone ___ to the Dursleys 
The Snitch is the smallest ___ in Quidditch 
Nymphadora is rather clumsy and tends to ___ 
Despite being very smart, Hermione always worries that she'll ___ 
Though there is a lot of rain and snow, there is no mention of ___ falling from the sky 
Hogwartians eat in the Great ___ 
They made the walk to the top of Stoatshead ___ before the Quidditch World Cup 
The last ___ of Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore 
The eldest Weasley child 
In the Goblet of Fire, Harry spills armadillo ___ as a diversion after Potions class 

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