Harry Potter: the Prizoner of Azkaban

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Can you name the Harry Potter: the Prizoner of Azkaban small details?

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What is Lavender's bunny's name?
What did Ron have to do for detention after he talked back when Snape was teaching DADA?
Where in Hagrid's hut did Hermione find Scabbers?
Who helped Harry, Ron and Hermione find their first Divination lesson?
What did Ron give Harry for his birthday?
Where did Ron get it (the above answer)?
What subject did Hermione need the book 'Numerology and Gramatica'?
What professor retired to 'enjoy more time with his remaining limbs'?
How many people showed up at the Great Hall for lunch on Christmas?
What is the first password for the Fat Lady?
What did the boggart turn into in front of Seamus?

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