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QuestionAnswer 1Answer 2
The First Two People Mentioned In The Half-Blood PrinceHerbert Chorley
Malfoy's CroniesVincent Crabbe
Parents Of Dudley DursleyVernon Dursley
Parents Of Neville LongbottomFrank Longbottom
The First Two People Mentioned In The Order Of The PhoenixVernon Dursley
Weasley TwinsFred Weasley
The Patil TwinsParvati Patil
The Two Named Fully-Fledged WerewolvesRemus Lupin
New Gryffindor Chasers In Beginning of Book 6Ginny Weasley
Carrow SiblingsAlecto Carrow
The First Two People Mentioned In The Prisoner Of AzkabanAdalbert Waffling
QuestionAnswer 1Answer 2
Sirius Black's Two NicknamesSnuffles
Quidditch Commentators After Lee Jordan Leaves HogwartsLuna Lovegood
Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans That We Know Dumbledore AteEar-Wax
The First Two People Mentioned In The Deathly HallowsSeverus Snape
Two of Celestina Warbeck's Songs Mentioned in HBPA Cauldron Full of Hot, Strong Love
The Two Things Dumbledore Meant To Give To Harry In His WillThe Golden Snitch
The First Two People Mentioned In The Philisopher's StonePetunia Dursley
The First Two People Mentioned In The Goblet Of FireThomas Riddle
The Creevey BrothersColin Creevey
Hermione's Best FriendsRon Weasley

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