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I am a sallow-faced man who was in St. Mungo's on Christmas:MINISTRY EMPLOYEE
I have dark, unkempt, straggly hair. I have heavily lidded eyes and an arrogant, distainful smile:DEATH EATER
I am a pockmarked man with greasy hair:DEATH EATER
I have a long, pale, twisted face:DEATH EATER
I have sleek, blond hair, a pale pointed face, and cold, grey eyes:DEATH EATER
I am quote 'the bloke who looks like his head's been thatched':ORDER MEMBER
I am basset hound-like; unshavenORDER MEMBER
I am tall,thin, very old, with blue eyesORDER MEMBER/TEACHER
I am severe-looking, with square glasses and black hairORDER MEMBER/TEACHER
I have beetle-black eyes and a large bushy black beardORDER MEMBER/TEACHER
I am a plump woman with flaming red hairORDER MEMBER
I am a big, beefy man; hardly any neck; large moustacheMUGGLE
I am thin, blonde and have twice the usual amount of neckMUGGLE
I am a round-faced boyHOGWARTS STUDENT
I am round-shouldered and duck-footedTRIWIZARD CHAMPION

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