Harry Potter Chapter Titles: Before and After (Part I)

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Can you name the Harry Potter Chapter Titles: Before and After (Part I)?

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The Four ChampionsThe Hungarian Horntail
The Order of the PhoenixThe Ministry of Magic
A Peck of OwlsNumber Twelve, Grimmauld Place
Gilderoy LockhartThe Deathday Party
The Keeper of the KeysThe Journey From Platform Nine and Three-Quarters
The Polyjuice PotionCornelius Fudge
Dudley DementedThe Advance Guard
Padfoot ReturnsThe Dream
The Letters From No OneDiagon Alley
At Flourish and BlottsGilderoy Lockhart
The Sorting HatThe Midnight Duel
Number Twelve, Grimmauld PlaceThe Noble and Most Ancient House of Black
Nicolas FlamelThe Forbidden Forest
The Heir of SlytherinOwl Post
AragogThe Heir of Slytherin
The Quidditch FinalCat, Rat, and Dog
The Unforgivable CursesThe Goblet of Fire
The Knight BusThe Dementor
The Dementor's KissOwl Post Again
Norbert the Norwegian RidgebackThrough the Trapdoor
The Mirror of ErisedNorbert the Norwegian Ridgeback
The Second TaskThe Madness of Mr. Crouch
The Deathday PartyThe Rogue Bludger
The Forbidden ForestThe Man With Two Faces
The First TaskThe Unexpected Task
Back to the BurrowThe Portkey
Mad-Eye MoodyBeauxbatons and Durmstrang
Through the TrapdoorThe Worst Birthday
The Triwizard TournamentThe Unforgivable Curses
The BeginningA Peck of Owls
Mudbloods and MurmursThe Writing on the Wall
The ScarBack to the Burrow
The Unexpected TaskRita Skeeter's Scoop
The Third TaskThe Death Eaters
The DementorThe Boggart in the Wardrobe
The Journey From Platform Nine and Three-QuartersThe Potions Master
The Writing on the WallThe Dueling Club
The Boggart in the WardrobeGrim Defeat
-The Vanishing Glass
The Dark MarkAboard the Hogwarts Express
Talons and Tea LeavesThe Flight of the Fat Lady
The House-Elf Liberation FrontThe Yule Ball
Weasley's Wizard WheezesBagman and Crouch
Beauxbatons and DurmstrangThe Four Champions
The Quidditch World CupMayhem At the Ministry
The PortkeyThe Quidditch World Cup
The InvitationWeasley's Wizard Wheezes
The Rogue BludgerThe Polyjuice Potion
Priori IncantatemThe Parting of the Ways
Cat, Rat, and DogThe Servant of Lord Voldemort
Cornelius FudgeThe Chamber of Secrets
The DreamThe Third Task
Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and ProngsThe Dementor's Kiss
The Midnight DuelQuidditch
The Boy Who LivedThe Letters From No One
The Dueling ClubThe Very Secret Diary
The Advance GuardThe Order of the Phoenix
Grim DefeatThe Firebolt
Snape's GrudgeProfessor Trelawney's Prediction
Owl Post AgainThe Scar
Professor Trelawney's PredictionMoony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs
Mayhem At the MinistryThe Triwizard Tournament
The Marauder's MapThe Patronus
The Servant of Lord VoldemortHermione's Secret
Rita Skeeter's ScoopThe Second Task
The Leaky CauldronTalons and Tea Leaves
The Parting of the WaysDudley Demented
Flesh, Blood, and BonePriori Incantatem
Dobby's RewardAunt Marge's Big Mistake
The Chamber of SecretsDobby's Reward
The Man With Two FacesDobby's Warning
Diagon AlleyThe Sorting Hat
Gryffindor Versus RavenclawThe Quidditch Final
The Goblet of FireThe Weighing of the Wands
The Worst BirthdayThe Burrow
The Madness of Mr. CrouchThe Pensieve
The FireboltGryffindor Versus Ravenclaw
The Vanishing GlassThe Keeper of the Keys
The Weighing of the WandsThe First Task
Aunt Marge's Big MistakeThe Leaky Cauldron
The Yule BallThe Egg and the Eye
Owl PostThe Knight Bus
The Hungarian HorntailThe House-Elf Liberation Front
Hermione's SecretThe Riddle House
The PatronusSnape's Grudge
The Whomping WillowMudbloods and Murmurs
VeritaserumThe Beginning
The Riddle HouseThe Invitation
The Egg and the EyePadfoot Returns
The Very Secret DiaryAragog
The BurrowThe Whomping Willow
The Death EatersVeritaserum
The PensieveFlesh, Blood, and Bone
QuidditchNicolas Flamel
Bagman and CrouchThe Dark Mark
HalloweenThe Mirror of Erised
The Potions MasterHalloween
Aboard the Hogwarts ExpressMad-Eye Moody
Dobby's WarningAt Flourish and Blotts
The Flight of the Fat LadyThe Marauder's Map

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