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Hint4-Letter Word
The Weasleys' Is Ginger-Red
Krum And Hermione Went As A ____ To The Yule Ball
Whenever The Students Are Suffering From Illnesses Or ____, Madam Pomfrey Treats Them
The Smallest And Most Abundant Playing Piece In A Game Of Wizard's Chess
Sirius's Animagus Form Has These Instead Of Hands.
Krum Attempted To Transfigure Himself Into The Animal That Is Also The Antagonist Of Which Popular Film:
Dumbledore's Favourite ____ Are Made Of Raspberries
What Seamus Calls His Maternal Figure: (PLURAL)
Lily Is Harry's ___ - British (PLURAL)
(With Above) Americans Would Call Her His ___ (PLURAL)
Filch, Being The Caretaker, Is Required To Be The One Who ____ Up The Floors Of Hogwarts
Moaning Myrtle Is Known To ____ About Her Death
The Spell Incarcerous Is Used To Tie Targets Up With A Length Of ____
In The Chapter Talons And Tea Leaves, Harry ____ Buckbeak Above The Forbidden Forest.
The Surname Of Broderick
Hint4-Letter Word
Skele-Gro Is Used To Re-Grow
The Centaur That Harry Assumed Kicked Firenze In The Chest
Gringotts Is The Wizarding ____
The Sound That Aunt Marge's Pet, Ripper, Makes
Beedle Was A ____ Who Wrote Children's Stories
Finish The Chapter Title: Christmas On The Closed ____
The Most Basic Magical Tool
The Weird Sisters Is A Popular ____, Whose Songs Are Played On The WWN
Voldemort's Hair 'Style'
The Golden Snitch Is The Smallest ____ In A Game Of Quidditch
In His First Year, Harry Discovers A Solid ____ That Just Pretends To Be A Door
Sirius Left Everything He Owned To Harry In His ____
The Eldest Child Of Arthur And Molly
An Ingredient That Fourth-Years Used In Potions Class: Armadillo ____
Snape Received A Fatal Wound In The Form Of A Snake ____

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