Every Hundred Pages in Harry Potter

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Can you name the chapter in which the page number ending in -00 is found?

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Page #ChapterBook
100Sorcerer's Stone
200Sorcerer's Stone
300Sorcerer's Stone
100Chamber of Secrets
200Chamber of Secrets
300Chamber of Secrets
100Prisoner of Azkaban
200Prisoner of Azkaban
300Prisoner of Azkaban
400Prisoner of Azkaban
100Goblet of Fire
200Goblet of Fire
300Goblet of Fire
400Goblet of Fire
500Goblet of Fire
600Goblet of Fire
700Goblet of Fire
100The Order of the Phoenix
200The Order of the Phoenix
Page #ChapterBook
300The Order of the Phoenix
400The Order of the Phoenix
500The Order of the Phoenix
600The Order of the Phoenix
700The Order of the Phoenix
800The Order of the Phoenix
100The Half-Blood Prince
200The Half-Blood Prince
300The Half-Blood Prince
400The Half-Blood Prince
500The Half-Blood Prince
600The Half-Blood Prince
100Deathly Hallows
200Deathly Hallows
300Deathly Hallows
400Deathly Hallows
500Deathly Hallows
600Deathly Hallows
700Deathly Hallows

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