Television / Which Big Bang Theory Character?

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Can you name the Big Bang Theory character who...

Updated May 29, 2016

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is allergic to peanuts?
is from Texas?
is married to Bernadette?
went to the North Sea to work with Stephen Hawking?
doesn't have a doctorate?
uses the catchphrase 'Bazinga!'?
has perfect pitch?
is an experimental physicist?
was featured on People magazine (on the show)?
has a dog named Cinnamon?
went to space?
is an astrophysicist?
is from New Jersey
has a twin sister?
is a theoretical physicist?
is an engineer?
has his father shown in an episode(s)
is from the 'exotic subcontinent' of India?
is a skilled magician?
attended Princeton?
has glasses?
is married to Penny?
is dating Amy Farrah Fowler?
briefly moved to Montana?
is Jewish?
usually drinks a 'grasshopper'?
couldn't speak to women without alcohol?
has a prestigious mother in the field of psychiatry?

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