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In America's most famous duel, Vice President Aaron Burr killed this former Secretary of the Treasury.
This future President considered challenging then-President John Adams to a duel after Adams criticized his performance as Minister to France.
This U.S. naval officer (who has cities named after him in Alabama, Illinois, Georgia, and elsewhere) was killed in a duel in 1820.
This Russian author and descendant of an African slave suffered a mortal wound in an 1837 duel.
Four years later, this Russian author of 'A Hero of Our Time' perished in a duel.
In 1798, this youngest-ever British Prime Minister fought a duel with an MP; neither were hurt.
In 1859, the U.S. Senator from this state was killed in a duel by the state's former Chief Justice of its Supreme Court.
He is the only U.S. President to have ever fought and killed someone in a duel.
As an Illinois politican, this future U.S. President accepted a challenge to a duel but the dispute was resolved before a duel took place.
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More Russian writers: This author of 'Anna Karenina' challenged Ivan Turgenev, author of 'Fathers and Sons,' to a duel.
The capital of Colorado is named for this man, a governor of the Kansas Territory who killed a newspaper editor in a duel.
In this U.S state, the governor's oath of office still requires that the governor affirm that he has never fought a duel.
This Danish astronomer lost part of his nose in a duel fought with swords.
In 2002, the White House rejected a proposal that George W. Bush and this former world leader settle their differences in a duel.
It was rumored that citizens of this country fought duels by drawing lots, with the loser killing himself.
This Scottish economist, best-known for his role in the Mississippi Bubble, killed a man in a 1694 duel.
In 2002, the Vice President of this South American country declined a challenge to duel issued by an opposing politician.

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