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City known as the 'Cradle of the Renaissance'
Founder of humanism
Author of the Divine Comedy
Ruling family of Florence
Wrote about the 'universal man'
Political theorist, author of the Prince
Drew up plans for human flight
Building depicting Biblical scenes such as the creaton and final judgement
Author of the Decameron
First sculptor of David
Second sculptor of David
Painted himself in the 'School of Athens'
Dutch painter, 'the father of oil painting'
Regarded as the greatest buidling built during the period
Widely considered as the most notorious Pope during the Renaissance
England's most famous playwright
Movement started with the '95 Theses'
Author of the '95 Theses'
Town where they were nailed to the Church door
Brought the Reformation to Switzerland
Brought the Reformation to France
French Calvinists were known as...
Founder of Presbyterianism
Founder of Anglicanism
Act that established Anglicanism
Ended the Thirty Years War
Began the Catholic Reformation
Founder of the Jesuit Order

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