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Sentence (First part)NounSentence (Ending)
A love potion made for Harry bywas eaten by Ron.
Dark winged horses calledare visible only to those who have seen death.
Professor Trelawney was hiding herin the Room of Requirement
Hagrid hatched his dragon,, from an egg.
Luna's strange 'radish' earrings were actually plums.
Severus Snape's curse,, slashes its victim repeatedly.
Arthur Weasley called his wife, Molly, as a pet nickname.
Mr. Weasley modified a Fordinto a flying car
Bill Weasley's earring has aon it
The moving staircase at Hogwarts wascreation.
Hermione and Ron had a daughter namedand a son named Hugo.
Sentence (First part)NounSentence (Ending)
Slughorn loved to eatby the jars
Voldemort used the killing of to make his snake Nagini into a Horcrux
Fleur's little sisterwas her Tri-wizard Tournament hostage
Fleur Delacour's dragon caught heron fire
Hermione's boggart took the form of who told her she failed everything.
Theof a unicorn has healing powers-- at a price.
A(n)accidentally cursed Katie Bell
A painful occurance calledhappens during an incomplete appartion
Harry tricked Lucius Malfoy into giving Dobby a , thus freeing him.
According to Divination,is one of the most ominous symbols in the world.
Fleur Delacour's wand had a core ofand was made of rosewood.

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