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HintFairy Tale Characters
The heroine suffers from Stockholm syndrome.
Two of the villains cut off parts of their feet.
The heroine isn't woken by true love's kiss.
The heroine was kidnapped as a baby.
They were abandoned.
The heroine was raped in the original story.
The villain drowns in a well.
The heroine considers murder.
Her prince is blinded.
The heroine is abused.
HintFairy Tale Characters
The villain is tortured to death.
The heroine's sisters betray her.
They are almost eaten.
The heroine is eaten.
The heroine is almost eaten.
This heroine is almost killed four times.
Two of the villains are blinded by birds.
A fairy attempts to seduce the hero.
The heroine dies at the end.
The hero's father was killed by a giant.

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