Aristotelian Logic: Valid Arguments

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Can you name the medieval mnemonic names for the valid forms of Aristotle's Syllogistic?

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First Figure
Aab, Abc ⊢ Aac 
Eab, Abc ⊢ Eac 
Aab, Ibc ⊢ Iac 
Eab, Ibc ⊢ Oac 
Second Figure
Eab, Aac ⊢ Ebc 
Aab, Eac ⊢ Ebc 
Eab, Iac ⊢ Obc 
Aab, Oac ⊢ Obc 
Third Figure
Aac, Abc ⊢Iab 
Eac, Abc ⊢ Oab 
Iac, Abc ⊢ Iab 
Aac, Ibc ⊢ Iab 
Oac, Abc ⊢ Oab 
Eac, Ibc ⊢ Oab 

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