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Before the invention of a sound card, what was the only sound a PC could make?
What are the two major manufacturing companies for processors?
What does CRT stand for?
What are the two ratios that deal with screen resolution?
How is data encoded in HDD's?
Give one advantage of SDD's to HDD's
How many volts are disk drives, hard drives, optical drives, and video cards?
What is the most expensive update for a computer?
Which type of current is lethal?
What does MIDI stand for?
Name one type of outdated connection type of HDD's?
How many types of removable storages are their?
Why is the purpose of multiple speaker connectors
What is one disadvantage to overclocking?
What is one disadvantage of an enterprise HDD?
What is the #1 factor for buying a video card?
What is the HDD spindle called?
What is considered a tape backup?
What does VGA stand for?
What is the best screen resolution?
How did developers create music for early PC games?
Why are thumb drives commonly used?
What does DVI stand for?
What are the two types of LCD screens?
What are the five most common audio cards manufacturers?
What does S/PDIF stand for?
Name one HDD'S manufacturer
Name one memory card
Do air conditioners have processing units built in?
What is a memory card which is rarely used today?
What does CPU stand for?
WHat type of LCD monitor is the SONY monitor that we use?
What does flash memory mean?
What is the disk in the HDD called?
What is an example of flash memory?
What are the power supplies rated in?
What are the two types of connectors in the computer world?
Where were the first LCD's found?
Name one type of currentconnection on HDD's?
How do you damage a CRT monitor?
What's the most common removable storage used today?
What is one advantage of an enterprise HDD?
What does LCD stand for?
What does CMOS stand for?
What color are PCI expansion slots?
What is NVIDIA's technology called for connecting more than 1 video card?
To use two media cards together, what is needed?
What color is VGA on a motherboard?
What is the purpose of Fireware and USB connectors?
Which consumes more power LCD or CRT monitors?
What is the smallest piece on a motherboard?
What is the largest thumb drive you can purchase?
What does DSP stand for?
What is the speed at which a microprocessor executes instructions is called?
What does BIOS stand for?
What does screen resolution depend on?
What are two most common HDD spin speeds?
How often does a new video card come out?
What is an example of an optical storage device?
What is the best piece of hardware?

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