#1 Pop Hits of 2008 (U.S.)

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Can you name the #1 Pop Hits of 2008 (U.S.)?

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Was used in a popular wedding video.Chris Brown
His debut single.Flo Rida
Her first solo #1 hit on the U.S. Hot 100.P!nk
The music video was deemed the 'Thriller' of the 2000s.Rihanna
Her first single from a 'reloaded' album.Rihanna
Her debut single. Lasted #1 for 10 weeks.Leona Lewis
Blocked 'I Kissed a Girl' from the #1 spot.Jesse McCartney
Was his first #1 pop radio hit.T.I.
Justin Bieber was discovered after covering this song on YouTube.Chris Brown
This song was written to her ex-label.Sara Bareilles
His first big hit since 2003.Jason Mraz
Her first #1 pop radio hit.Katy Perry
Was the biggest song on radio for 2008.Alicia Keys

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