#1 Pop Hits of 2010 (U.S.)

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Can you name the number one pop radio hits of the United States from 2010?

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Her first consecutive #1 single.Katy Perry
His second single created especially for the U.S. market.Taio Cruz
His first top ten hit since 2006.Nelly
His debut single that was popular among females.Bruno Mars
Was the first single from the album, but didn't hit #1 on the U.S. Hot 100 until after the second single did.Rihanna
Was her fifth consecutive #1 single from this chart.Lady GaGa
Her debut single.Ke$ha
Exploded on radio before it was released as a single.Eminem
Her first single from her Greatest Hits album.P!nk
Some called this music video the 'Yellow Submarine' of the 2000s.Ke$ha
His debut single. Featured a hit rapper for the U.S. version.Taio Cruz
His second single. Some dubbed it the male version of 'Just Dance.'Jason Derülo
Was the most played song of the summer, and lasted at #1 for seven weeks.Katy Perry
The highly anticipated nine minute music video debuted of E! Network.Lady GaGa
His debut single.B.o.B
Her only top five hit from the 'Rated R' album.Rihanna
Everyone thought this song was by Sean Kingston.Iyaz

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