Rides at Silver Dollar City

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Can you name the rides at Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri?

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A rollercoaster that shoots riders to high speeds in seconds.
Riders sit in boats and shoot water guns at other guests.
Guests swing up and down to extreme heights.
Riders sit in tea cups that spin.
A rollercoaster that is fueled by special gas for a flying machine.
Riders sit in a boat that plunges 50 feet down a hill into the water.
Guests ride in a dark building that resembles and old broken down mine.
Riders sit in tubes and are carried down a lost river.
A rollercoaster that is fueled by 'TNT.'
Riders sit in pirate ships that hurl riders outwards.
Riders sit in a viking ship that swings.
Guests experience a slow moving train ride through the park.
Riders sit facing outward with chests against a padded panel while riding a rotational vehicle the spins on a U-shaped track.
Guests ride in a dark building with scenes that tell of a town set ablaze by the Bald Knobbers overnight.

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