Endemic mammals by country

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Can you name the countries by endemic mammal species or subspecies?

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Species or SubspeciesCountryScientific Name
Long-tailed ChinchillaChinchilla lanigera
Lowlands Tree-kangarooDendrolagus spadix
VaquitaPhocoena sinus
Broom HareLepus castroviejoi
Bwindi Forest GorillaGorilla beringei bwindi
OkapiOkapia johnstoni
Ring-tailed LemurLemur catta
Island FoxUrocyon littoralis
Gelada BaboonTheropithecus gelada
Snow SheepOvis nivicola
Maned SlothBradypus torquatus
Species or SubspeciesCountryScientific Name
Sombre BatEptesicus tatei
Pink Fairy ArmadilloChlamyphorus truncatus
Bavarian Pine VoleMicrotus bavaricus
Farasan Island GazelleGazella gazella farasani
Blotched GenetGenetta tigrina
Giant PandaAiluropoda melanoleuca
Kri-kriCapra aegagrus creticus
PlatypusOrnithorhynchus anatinus
Pygmy TarsierTarsius pumilus
Maritime ShrewSorex maritimensis
TamarawBubalus mindorensis

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