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Can you name the countries by endemic mammal species or subspecies?

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Species or SubspeciesCountryScientific Name
Corsican HareLepus corsicanus
Aye-ayeDaubentonia madagascariensis
Lesser Short-tailed BatMystacina tuberculata
Pygmy RaccoonProcyon pygmaeus
Eastern Lowland GorillaGorilla beringei graueri
Negev ShrewCrocidura ramano
KoalaPhascolarctos cinereus
Roosevelt's MuntjacMuntiacus rooseveltorum
Chiltan Wild GoatCapra aegagrus chialtanensis
Darwin's FoxLycalopex fulvipes
Golden Lion Tamarin Leontopithecus rosalia
Orinoco AgoutiDasyprocta guamara
Species or SubspeciesCountryScientific Name
Sumatran OrangutanPongo abeli
Bare-bellied HedgehogParaechinus nudiventris
Giant Kangaroo RatDipodomys ingens
Cape GrysbokRaphicerus melanotis
Ciscaucasian HamsterMesocricetus raddei
Iriomote CatPrionailurus iriomotensis
Beceite IbexCapra pyrenaica hispanica
Svalbard ReindeerRangifer tarandus platyrhynchus
Asiatic CheetahAcinonyx jubatus venaticus
Giant BandicootPeroryctes broadbenti
BaijiLipotes vexillifer
Hairy Long-nosed ArmadilloDasypus pilosus

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