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Can you name the countries by endemic mammal species or subspecies?

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Species or SubspeciesCountryScientific Name
Marsh MongooseHerpestes palustris
Apennine ShrewSorex samniticus
Cimrman Ural Field MouseApodemus uralensis cimrmani
West African GiraffeGiraffa camelopardalis peralta
Black Forest WallabyDorcopsis atrata
Black-capped MarmotMarmota camtschatica
Eastern Mountain CoatiNasuella meridensis
Palawan PangolinMydaus marchei
Indus River DolphinPlatanista minor
Hoary FoxLycalopex vetulus
AgrinoOvis orientalis ophion
ColocoloLeopardus colocolo
Species or SubspeciesCountryScientific Name
Red Kangaroo Macropus rufus
Pygmy Three-toed SlothBradypus pygmaeus
Richardson's Collared LemmingDicrostonyx richardsoni
Gunnison's Prairie DogCynomys gunnisoni
Pere David's DeerElaphurus davidianus
Abyssinian WolfCanis simensis
Azorean BatNyctalus azoreum
Snow MonkeyMacaca fuscata
BonoboPan paniscus
Pygmy Spotted SkunkSpilogale pygmaea
Hunter's HartebeestBeatragus hunteri
Hooker's Sea LionPhocarctos hookeri

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