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Can you name the european countries by their national mottos?

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We want to remain what we are
[national] The faith of -answer-ns is -answer-sm [traditional] You -answer- give me honor, you give me the name -answer-n
For -answer- – With the Times
[former motto] It is -answer-'s destiny to rule the world
Liberty, Equality, Fraternity
For God, Prince and Fatherland
[unofficial motto] One for all, all for one
[historcal motto] With the help of God for Homeland and Freedom
[royal motto] The Help of God, the Love of the People, the Strength of -answer-
Strength through Unity (lit. Unity makes Strength)
With God's Help
Peace at Home, Peace in the World
The strength of the nation lies in unity
Truth prevails
I shall endure
Unity makes strength
[royal motto] Everything for -answer-
Freedom or Death
Strength United is Stronger
Further Beyond
Unity and Justice and Freedom

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