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Can you name the countries of Europe by their national anthems?

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Forced Order
'Royal March'
'Dear Motherland'
'The William'
'The -answer-ese Song'
'Our beautiful homeland'
'State Anthem of the -answer-'
'The Soldier's Song'
'-answer-, Our Homeland'
'Our Land'
'-answer- Is Not Yet Lost' a.k.a. 'Song of the -answer-ish Legions in Italy'
'We -answer-ians'
'-answer- Psalm'
'God bless -answer-'
'Hymn to Liberty'
'Today over -answer-'
'National Anthem of the Republic'
'-answer-'s glory has not perished, nor her freedom'
'Lightning Over the Tatras'
'The Song of the -answer-ians'
'Song of Brabant'
'Lord, Give Us Justice' or 'God of Justice'
'The -answer-ese Hymn'
'My Fatherland, My Happiness and Joy'
'Yes, we love this country' (royal anthem) 'Song of the King'
'Oh, Bright Dawn of May'
'Land of Mountains, Land by the River'
'God, bless the -answer-ans'
'The Song of Marseille'
'Awaken, -answer-n!'
'The Anthem of Independence'
'-answer-que Anthem'
'Hymn'a.k.a. 'O, God of Our Land'
'God Save the Queen'
'Where is my home?'
'Up on the Young Rhine'
'Our Language'
'The Great Charlemagne, my Father'
'Thou ancient, thou free'
(national anthem) 'There is a lovely land' (royal anthem) 'King Christian stood by the lofty mast'
'The Banner Hymn'
'7th stanza of Zdravljica'
'Our Homeland'
'The Song of -answer-'
'Hymn to Liberty'
'Pontifical Anthem and March'

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