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Can you name the countries of Europe by their national anthems?

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How to Play
'Royal March'
'-answer- Psalm'
'7th stanza of Zdravljica'
'Lightning Over the Tatras'
(national anthem) 'There is a lovely land' (royal anthem) 'King Christian stood by the lofty mast'
'Our beautiful homeland'
'The Great Charlemagne, my Father'
'The Song of -answer-'
'Thou ancient, thou free'
'Today over -answer-'
'Our Land'
'Up on the Young Rhine'
'We -answer-ians'
'Dear Motherland'
'Yes, we love this country' (royal anthem) 'Song of the King'
'Our Language'
'National Anthem of the Republic'
'The Song of the -answer-ians'
'Land of Mountains, Land by the River'
'Song of Brabant'
'Our Homeland'
'The -answer-ese Hymn'
'God, bless the -answer-ans'
'The Soldier's Song'
'Oh, Bright Dawn of May'
'Where is my home?'
'My Fatherland, My Happiness and Joy'
'-answer-que Anthem'
'God Save the Queen'
'Lord, Give Us Justice' or 'God of Justice'
'Pontifical Anthem and March'
'God bless -answer-'
'-answer-, Our Homeland'
'The Anthem of Independence'
'The Song of Marseille'
'The William'
'Hymn to Liberty'
'State Anthem of the -answer-'
'Awaken, -answer-n!'
'Hymn to Liberty'
'The Banner Hymn'
'-answer-'s glory has not perished, nor her freedom'
'Hymn'a.k.a. 'O, God of Our Land'
'The -answer-ese Song'
'-answer- Is Not Yet Lost' a.k.a. 'Song of the -answer-ish Legions in Italy'

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