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LyricsSongMale or Female
'I don't know how it gets better than this'Female
'They love momma and Jesus and Jones'Male
'Its a quarter after one, I'm all alone'Both
'Never let your praying knees get lazy'Male
'The truth comes out a little at a time'Female
'Roll into town, step off the bus'Male
'With you I've always been wide open'Female
'Loving and forgiving guys like me'Male
LyricsSongMale or Female
'You had my heart now I want it back'Female
'She's got eyes that cut you like a knife'Male
'One thing started leading to another'Male
'I'll be there in the back of your mind'Female
'Down the hall baby straight up the stairs'Male
'Jesus is my friend, America is my home'Male
'Life don't go quite like you planned it'Female
'Come on now, everyone falls down'Female

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