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he got the bad jeans 
yes my brother
he got the good jeans but never thought it 
borne in alaska
no place for a snake 
she takes pilles to steady her aim
watching the battlel from the out skirts 
loves his anima
so your a hacker 
another name for the legend
so your a man
fox hound special suite 
that blood sucking freak
5 today or maybe 6 
his ninja form
first to reach code name fox 
another russian
becomes a friend 
still a russian
ninja form 
lard ass 
cant hit her
my father died 
the boss
the big one 
save her save.....
i wont hold you back 
nucular warhead holder
fitted with a rail gun 
morph his muscles
number 3 
deap throat
code name fox 
not so big
its a woman 

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