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Are you wearing lipstick?
Mom said you couldn't have one because of your report card.
Yes, this is off my Mercedes.
The man has 5 o'clock shadow at 8:30am and your worried about strings.
Mr. Hilliard, You've been able to fool a lot of people into believing that you're a 60-year-old woman, No easy task. And your little speech seemed to be very heartfelt and genuine.
Can't you just tell mom your sorry?
Older? You mean like a Shelly Winters older, or Shirley MacLaine older?
Smoking or non-smoking?
He's half-man, half-woman.
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Ma'am are you aware that its illegal to possess animals of a barnyard nature in an residentual area?
She's got an awful lot of baggage though. Three kids?
The fact that Pudgy the Parrot has a cigarette shoved into his mouth is morally irresponsible!
I have an appointment on monday and friday evenings to check the apartment.
Hope you have somethin' nice and warm to go home to.
Oh, sir. I saw it! Some angry member of the kitchen staff, Did you not tip them? Oh, the terrorists! They ran that way. It was a run-by fruiting. I'll get them sir. Don't worry.
[shocked] The whole time? I mean the whole time?
Well you take all these cans, you box 'em, you ship 'em. Then you box those cans over there, ship them, then more will come in. You box those, you ship those. Any questions?
That's very funny. Where the hell are you going? Hey listen buddy, I'll tell you something, if you leave, you're not getting back in. I'm not taking any crap from you, pal.

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