transformers dark of the moon characters

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desciptioncharacter name
betrayer, kills the black pick up truck
leader of the good guys
missing half of his face
killed by sam witwicky
kidnaps carly
kills carly's evil car
dies by acid rust
the medic, who's rarely seen
never had an action part, but did good cutting a decepticon in half in the second move
was supposed to be the main villain
giant earthworm
desciptioncharacter name
'do try to bring it back in one piece this time, 007'
threatens the guards in iraq
FBI suv with tentacles
FBI suv that runs on four legs
FBI suv leader
'oh man, i seen this one. this is da one where spock goes nuts'
'ooooh, we gonna screw dis ship up'
kills a vulture in africa
fat tar-jay car
green highlander racecar
lowes car that never talks

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