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the little mermaidI have soo many arms to make deals with fish
the great mouse detectiveI stole the toymaker..oh yeah...I'm a rat!!
peter panI HATE THAT CROC!(tick tock)
101 dalmatiansI love fur coats
the aristocatsI'm just a bumbling butler
pinocchioI should be scared because of all these marionettes
sleeping beautyWow... i can change into a dragon
tarzanI fell to my death
beauty and the beastCome to my gun show!!!
herculesI dont have hair... I have fire
mulanI lead huns!
the black cauldronI dont have a face, only horns
pocahontasI have a dog and I'm a fat beast
fantasiaI live on a mountain
the fox and the houndI'm the owner of the hound
the lion kingreally should get that eye checked out!
the adventures of ichabod cranereally... can ride a horse without losing your head
toy storyDestroying toys is my specialty
cinderellaI have two beautiful...ish daughters
the emperors new grooveRoyal advisor by day..scientist by night
toy story 2I own a toy mart
the sword in the stoneI've fought merlin...I won
the jungle bookROAR!
the hunchback of notre dameI'm a priest...WOW
alice in wonderlandI have a VERY short temper
snow white and the seven dwarfsmirror-mirror on the wall...?
aladdinI have a magic staff and a stupid bird

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