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Can you name the world's countries by the English name of their national anthem?

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Anthem NameCountry
God Be With Our [country]
The [nationality] Hymn
Lovely Homeland
Up Above the Young Rhine
Oh God of All Creation
High we Exalt Thee, Realm of the Free
[nationality] Psalm
Hail [country]
My Golden Bengal
[country], Oyee!
Strum your Koras, Strike the Balafons
For Africa and For You, [country]/[country]
Beautiful [country]
National Salute
[country], Wake Up
The [nationality]
Our Land
God Save the Queen
Fathership of All People/Thou Art the Ruler of the Minds of All People
The Soldier's Song
[people], Republic or Death
Join Together all [nationality]
The Patriotic Song
The Concord
Our Homeland
God Save Our [country]
The Royal Salute
Oh [country] Land of Beauty
National Anthem
Isle of Beauty, Isle of Splendour
Till the End of the World
Blessed be the Land of [country]
The Rebirth
The Dawn of a New Day
All Hail, [country], Hail!
My Fatherland, My Happiness and Joy
[country]'s Glory Has Not Perished
We Pledge
Dear Motherland
Blessed be this Noble Land
God Bless [country]
Patriots of [country]
My Homeland
March of the Volunteers
O [country], Cradle of our Forefathers
Song of Abidjan
We Salute You, Our Homeland
Anthem NameCountry
Land of Mountains, Land on the River
[country], [country], [country]
Our Beautiful Homeland
Cherifian Anthem
The Union of the Great Islands
[country], Land of our Fathers
O, Bright Dawn of May
Sons and Daughters of [country]
Arise [nationality]
The William
We, [people]
Dear Land of [country], of Rivers and Plains
Forward [country]
Land of the Free
Fair [country], We Salute Thee
Dabrowski's Mazurka
We are the army of God and our land
National Anthem of the Republic
Guardians of the Homeland
Stand up, [country]
The Song of Marseille
The Great Charlemagne
Where is My Home?
Pontifical Anthem and March
O Lord our God of the [nationality]
My Country, My Country, My Country
God Bless Our Homeland [country]
The Hope
Hymn of the Isthmus
Song of Advancing Soldiers
God of Justice
Long Live my Homeland
Hail to Thee, Land of our Forefathers
March Forward, Dear Mother [country]
Our Fatherland
God Bless Africa
A Toast
His Majesty's Reign
The Brabançonne
God Defend [country]
Today Over [country]
O [country]
The Royal March
March On, [country]
Mother [country]
Lightning Over the Tatras
Hymn to Liberty
Anthem NameCountry
Forever [country]
Peace to the Amir
This Is Our Beloved Country
[country], Land We Love
[country] For The Almighty
For [country] Our Homeland
The Royal Anthem of [country]
Royal Kingdom
Advance [country] Fair
My [country]
Stand and Sing of [country], Proud and Free
Song of Dessalines
O Beloved Land of our Ancestors!
The Thunder Dragon Kingdom
Our Language
The Banner of Freedom
The Song of [country]
Thou Ancient, Thou Free
Onward [country]
The Song of the [people]
We are Hundreds of Flowers
Arise, O Compatriots
Glory to the Brave People
Hail to Thee, [country]
[country], Land of the Brave
There is a Lovely Country
The Anthem of Bayamo
Yes, We Love This Country
One Single Night
Great [country]
O Land of Beauty!
Song of Freedom
My Country
Our [country]
We, We, We
O Arise, All You Sons
Hymn to the Flag
God Bless the Sultan
Song to the King of the [country] Islands
Independent, Neutral, [country] State Anthem
Total Independence
[country] Land So Beautiful
Awaken Thee, [nationality]
Independence March
The Star-Spangled Banner

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