Common words derived from classical myth

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Can you name the common words derived from classical mythology?

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Common meaningCommon wordEtymology
An institution devoted to the procurement, care, study, and display of objects of lasting interest or value
A bound collection of maps
A prepared foodstuff of grain
An ugly or repulsive woman
A very handsome young man
A dark gray or silvery, lustrous, very hard, light chemical element
Assisting memory
A brand of athletic shoe
A prolific source of troubles
A high school or college in which special skills or subjects are taught
Fresh-water polyp - Cnidarian (closely related to a jellyfish)
A tall, strong, often masculine woman
A mountain or hill having a cuplike crater at the summit, formed around a vent in the earth through which ash and lava are expelled
Enthusiastic diligence
A brand of candy bar
Common meaningCommon wordEtymology
A brand of cleaner
Tending to arouse sexual desire
A vulnerable point
The repetition of a sound caused by reflection of sound waves
Something extremely pleasing to taste or smell
A bitter crystalline addictive narcotic used in the form of a soluble salt as an analgesic and sedative
Love of or sexual desire for one's own body
Staying power, endurance
A photographic technology company
A heavy silver-white poisonous metallic element
An agent that arouses or is held to arouse sexual desire
The largest of the planets and the fifth from the sun
A luminous phenomenon that consists of streamers of light appearing in the upper atmosphere of earth
A shrewish woman

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