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HintWeaponCountry of Origin
Two-edged with tapered point; grip has knobbed hiltAncient Rome
Short blade; from the Gaelic word 'dearg' meaning 'knife'Scotland
Curved blade; often with a ridge near the endMiddle East
Easily concealed; thrown; celestialJapan
Short slashing blade; curved; sailor's weaponEngland
Cruciform single handed; transitional blade; originally used by vikingsScandinavia
Cleaver-like blade; often an agricultural toolAmericas
Double-edged; used for stabbing or thrusting; shortWorldwide
Originally stone blade; hand-to-hand or thrownNorth America
Slender; sharp-pointed blade for thrustingSpain
Knife designed to fit over the muzzle of a rifleFrance
HintWeaponCountry of Origin
Cruciform; straight and double edged; over 35 cmEurope
Large; two-handed; used by highlandersScotland
Single-edged; moderately curved; longer than 60 cmJapan
Cruciform; straight; wide and substantial bladeEurope
Has a hook; substantial guardsChina
Pole with a single-edged bladeFrance
Curved blade; large hand guard; often used by cavalryEurope
Pole with an axe blade topped with a spikeGermany/Switzerland
Single or two handed; normally used for splitting woodWorldwide
Single-edged blade; length between 15 and 30 cm; used for stabbingJapan

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