Who is in this Three Stooges short - Shemp or Curly

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Can you name the Who is in thisThree Stooges short - Shemp or Curly?

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Sing a Song of Six Pants
A Ducking They Did Go
Fright Night
Hold That Lion
The Sitter-Downers
Three Sappy People
Restless Knights
Dizzy Doctors
Hot Scots
A Plumbing We Will Go
I'll Never Heil Again
Oily to Bed, Oily to Rise
We Want Our Mummy
Horses' Collars
Heavenly Daze
IncomeTax Sappy
Tassels in the Air
Disorder in the Court
The Yoke's on Me
Squareheads of the Round Table
Mummies Dummies
The Ghost Talks
Woman Haters
Healthy, Wealthy, and Dumb
Men in Black
Dutiful But Dumb
Out West
Three Missing Links
Crash Goes the Hash
Scrambled Brains
Who Done It?
Pop Goes the Easel
Boobs in Arms
Gypped in the Penthouse
Punchy Cowpunchers
Mutts to You
Bubble Trouble
Dopey Dicks
Saved by the Belle
Crime on Their Hands
Brideless Groom
Flat Foot Stooges
Dunked in the Deep
In the Sweet Pie and Pie
Uncivil Warriors

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