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Question/Point of Interest FactInteresting tid bits
Cleveland once had a Subway, where was it located?
When was Cleveland founded?
Highest enrolled university in Cleveland proper?
What is the biggest Theater District in the country outside of New York City?
How many radio stations does the city host?
Public Green? Common Area?
The Biggest Suburb?
What building is the home of the Cleveland Orchestra?
Tallest Building?
Cleveland has how many Top 250 Ranked Law Firms in terms of size?
Current Mayor?
How many television networks does the Cleveland area have?
Cleveland's largest ethnic group (non African American)?
Sits on what major body of water?
Main drag/vein into downtown neighborhood?
Most Notable Landmark?
Question/Point of Interest FactInteresting tid bits
Highest population in United States rank ever?
The city is one of the major cities in the country served by five major freeway systems, what are the Interstate numbers in ascending order?
Year the Cuyahoga River last caught on fire?
The oldest operating market in Cleveland?
What is the oldest still standing building in the city?
Nickname given by many in the press in the 1990's?
Arguably the most influential Mayor in Cleveland History?
Cleveland is known for being a medical hub can you name our biggest medical institution?
Honored an All American City Award how many times?
What famous T Man agent was well associated with Cleveland and even has a beer named after him?
What is the bus and transit system locally referred to as?
Are people who live here ers, ites, or ians?
What is the moniker/name of the city's official International Ariport?
Name the city's major Newspaper?
Cleveland has substantial museuem holdings, what is the main museum district commonly known as?
How many fortune 500 or 1000 companies call Cleveland home?

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