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Can you name the angle/quadrant/radian?

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angle whose coordinates are (1,0)
angle 3pi/2
angle of 7pi/4
angle of 11pi/6
angle of pi/4
angle of pi/3
angle of 2pi/3
radian of 360 degrees
quadrant where only tangent is positive
angle whose coordinates are (0,1)
radian of 180 degrees
quadrant where all coordinates are (x,-y)
radian of 180 degrees
angle whose cosine is 1/2 and sine is positive
angle of pi/2
angle of 4pi/3
quadrant where all coordinates are (-x,-y)
radian whose coordinates are (-1,0)
quadrant where all coordinates are (-x,y)
angle that is pi/2 in radian form

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