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Famous for sushi
Origin of Pizza
The death place of Ferdinand Magellan
The only country whose flag is not quadrilateral
You can find Machu Picchu here.
Famous for its chocolate
You can find the Taj Mahal here
The first country alphabetically
The flag looks similar to the Flag of Bahrain
Capital City is Riga
Borders Haiti
Capital City is Santiago
Home of The Eiffel Tower.
Borders France, Italy and Germany
The Capital City is Minsk
The only country that has a plain flag
Capital City is Podgorica
Stars and Stripes
The Union Jack is their flag
Capital City is Wellington
The flag has a bird flying over the sea with the sun in the background
Shares the name of something you have at Thanksgiving
Rhymes with Ghana and Guyana
Home of the Pyramids
The official language is Spanish and their music is Mariachi

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