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Tragic flaw.
Brooding/mysterious setting and plot in a novel.
Final resolution of a plot.
Short speech audible to audience but not to other characters.
A boy who kills his father in order to marry his mother has this complex.
A part of an entity used to describe the whole. (my wheel->my car)
Novel which refers to the process of writing the novel.
Conscious exaggeration.
Substitution of one term for another that is generally associated with it. (suits->buisnessmen)
Revealed over time to be an untrustworthy source of information.
Sudden/powerful realization.
Unrhymed iambic pentameter (same flow as speech).
Intentional understatement .
Reoccurring idea, feeling, etc. that informs a major theme.
Narrator's attitude.
Moment of recognition or discovery.
Literal meaning corresponds w/ symbolic meaning.
Excessive pride.
Direct address to an absent or dead person, object, quality, or idea.
Narrator who says that the narration is fiction.
Reference w/in literature to historical or literary person, place, or event.
Serious lyric poem that is usually long, and uses a metrical structure.
Initial presentation of background information.
A character who highlights the personality of an opposing character.
Arrangement of words.
Choice of words.
Emotional release.
Understatement (often used with Meiosis).
A speech by a lone character.
Narrator who evaluates characters and expresses opinion.

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