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All from the Big Adventure MovieCharacters Name
What is Pee-Wee's Dogs name?
Who was Pee-Wee's Neighbor?
Who wanted Pee-Wee's bike?
Who owned the magic shop?
Who owned the bike shop?
Who wanted to be Pee-Wee's Girlfriend?
Who was talking during Pee-Wee's meeting in the basement?
Who told Pee-Wee where his bike was?
Who picked up Pee-Wee while hitchhiking?
What was the trucker ghost's name?
Who was the waitress at the diner?
All from the Big Adventure MovieCharacters Name
Who was the waitresses boyfriend?
Who was the hobo on the train?
Who was the bull rider Pee-Wee was mistaken for?
Who was the guide at The Alamo?
Who were the Mexian American maninkans?
Who was the kid actor who had Pee-Wee's bike?
Who was the director of the movie?
What was the name of the band that was making a music video?
Who was the studio director?
What was Pee-wee's name in the movie?
What was Samone's new boyfriend's name?

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