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Most of us have been on one of these for either prom or a trip to Oglebay
Whether it’s north, east, or west, it’s not called a highway
Game necessity promoted by Myron Cope
Classic rock radio station, 102.5 FM
TV PBS station or classical music radio station, 89.3 FM
Factories that Pittsburgh is still known for
Largest employer in the area
Company most famous for its ketchup
Tallest building in the city at 841 ft.
Family amusement park
“Almost Famous” restaurant with 15 locations in the city/suburbs (and 2 in Florida)
Where our MLB team plays
Location of the IMAX and USS Requin
Public transportation formally known as Pittsburgh Light Rail
The only intact remnant of this wartime structure is “The Blockhouse”
Where our NFL team plays
We have more of these than Venice, Italy!
Our NFL team; first to win 6 Super Bowls
Arena for Pitt Panthers basketball and other major functions
Gyro shop with 2 locations, Downtown and South Side
Place where you can see Ancient Egypt and a T. rex in a Christmas hat
Large park featuring hiking trails, an ice rink, and the annual Race for the Cure
Thinly sliced meat made famous by Isaly’s
Greenhouse complex of indoor and outdoor gardens
Navigate the area using the number/letter combination on this public vehicle (nickname)
Chain known for cinnamon ice cream and Frownies
Area where one would go to see the skyline
Recently retired venue for concerts, sports, and other major events
Glass building complex featuring a Christmas tree and ice rink during the winter
Colorful method of navigating the city, using purple through red
Permanent exhibition of a local contemporary artist’s works
First radio station in the United States/TV Channel 2
Second largest daily newspaper in the metropolitan area
'The Place for Smiles'
TV show that airs B movies and organizes the annual Zombie Fest
Alternative radio station, 105.9 FM
Chocolate-coated ice cream squares made famous by Isaly’s
Park within the Golden Triangle
Venue for ballet, opera, musical, and other stage performances
Our NHL team; 2008-2009 Stanley Cup Champions
Home of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra (PSO)
Our MLB team; winner of 5 World Series (just not since 1979...)
Beer brewed in Lawrenceville, up until recently
Largest daily newspaper in the metropolitan area
Oldest and steepest method to travel between Downtown and Mt. Washington

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