Oh the Horror! LOL

Random Movies or Horror Movies Quiz

Can you name the movie genre, comedy or horror, that each character is from?

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CharacterEnter C or HMovie
Richard Straker
Lionel Mandrake
Patrick Healy
William Lepetomane
Veta Louise Simmons
Veronica Quaife
Bubba Sawyer
Phil Wenneck
Rachel Keller
Henry Gondorff
Minnie Castevet
Jeff Sheldrake
Jame Gumb
Scott Thomas
Helen Lyle
CharacterEnter C or HMovie
Larry Kroger
Steve Andrews
R.J. MacReady
Zep Hindle
Angela Vidal
Eddie Johnson
Clayton Forrester
Mathew Roney
Franklin Figueroa
Mary Swanson
Elaine Dickinson
Walter Sobchak
Sloane Peterson
Sam Quint
Bianca O'Blivion

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